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Real Estate Photography Services

Show your property in the best light

When looking online for Boston Real Estate Photography, there are a lot of imperative factors when it comes to real estate image quality. To us, the most important factor is lighting. In order to express the personality and ambiance of a room, the lighting must be perfect.

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Real Estate Photography Session

We make sure to provide full flexibility and a willingness to develop a real estate photography session that suits your needs. Please let us know if you require specific package details not listed above.

Session Details

Up to 30 final images of your property (based on square footage)
All property images completed within 48 hours of shoot date
All images delivered via online proofing gallery with download Zip file link. Direct zip file link also available without gallery.
Professional editing and retouching for all delivered images

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How long will my session take?

Every property is different. Square footage, exterior photography, roof decks, patios, multiple levels, etc. An hour per 1,000 square feet is generally a good ballpark estimate.

Do you shoot in HDR (High Dynamic Range)?

The option is available. Occasionally when shooting a very small space, basement, or closet, utilizing HDR can work well. Although this can save a bit of time in certain instances, this may have an effect on the final quality. If you would like to inquire about our HDR services please indicate it to us prior to our session.

Why do you shoot with an external flash?

I shoot with both an on camera flash as well as a Profoto B1 off-camera (OCF) flash. The OCF allows me to add additional light to really brighten and enhance and interior space. It also allows me to expose for the exterior of a window so that you don’t see those “blown-out” highlights that often occur with improper lighting.

How do you deliver the images once completed?

I deliver all images via email in the form of a zip file. The links to the folder will be available for one week. I can always re-send if needed. In addition, I also send files via Dropbox if requested.

Do you deliver jpeg images?

Yes, all images are shot in RAW format and will be delivered as high-resolution jpegs. If you would like the images in a different file format it can be arranged. If so, Please let us know prior to our session so we can deliver exactly what you are looking for.

Once the session is complete, when will I receive the images?

Images will be delivered within 24-48 hours. If an extended timeline is necessary, it will be expressed prior to the completion of the project contract.


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